Quality Of Life

Palm Beach PACE enables seniors to live independently at home for as long as possible through a full complement of senior care services. By focusing on each participant's unique medical needs, we more effectively address the social, emotional, medical and everyday practical challenges older adults often face. Through interactions with peers, stimulating activities, exercise, and other support services, seniors can enjoy a better quality of life in their later years.

Complete Health Care

Palm Beach PACE is a complete health care solution for seniors who want to maximize independence and remain at home. Our coordinated approach provides comprehensive care tailored to you and streamlines the often confusing and complicated process of health care access.


Latest News

Palm Beach PACE at the Green Health and Wellness ExpoPalm Beach PACE attended the "Green Health & Wellness Expo" at the Florida Schience Museum

West Palm Beach Mayor Moijo stopped by our booth at the Green Health & Wellness Expo and was very excited about all of the work PACE is doing in the community to help seniors.


Palm Beach PACEPACE at the Philippine American Society Summer Festival

PACE had the opportunity to participate in the Philippine American Society Summer Festival at the South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Center.


The Team at Palm Beach PACEPace Delray was featured in the Delray Newspaper

"Second PACE Site thrives In Wing Of Temple Sinai" - Delray Newspaper



Pace Delray Sponsored Puerto Rican & Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Event

Dr. Merkelj of Palm Beach Pace provided an outstanding presentation at the Puerto Rican & Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Event sponsored by the Pace Delray Center.