As a Palm Beach PACE participant, you'll receive comprehensive "one-stop" health care services including:

• Primary medical and nursing care
• Occupational, physical and speech therapy
• Medications and durable medical equipment
• Laboratory and diagnostic services
• All necessary prescription drugs
• Skilled home care and personal care aides
• Hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care, end of life care
• Care from medical specialists in cardiology, nephrology, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopedics, surgery, podiatry and more


Palm Beach PACE provides a broad range of service providers, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists and personal care aides. All staff are readily accessible, helping you or your loved one avoid the hospitalizations and illnesses that seniors often face.

Music & Memory Program

The Power of Personalized Music

When someone you love struggles with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, or other forms of dementia, it can be a challenge to communicate and find ways to make life more pleasant. Listening to familiar music can trigger long-term memory, renew a sense of identity and improve mood, cognition and socialization. This can help your loved one have less stressful and more peaceful days. MorseLife's special music program can help. With recommendations by the family, our team develops a customized music playlist that is uniquely personal and full of special meaning. We provide the iPod with music at no cost.

The following is a Spanish language clip from Univision, focusing on our innovative Music and Memory Program, which is now benefiting participants in Palm Beach PACE Program.